Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April TUSAL and Things

Because I've been doing whatever I have been doing and then trying out the floss tube, blogging has taken a back seat.  Writing in general has taken a back seat.  I'm barely able to write an email these days!

Since I was here today reading some blogs and looking at the pretty things, I figured I might as well post a shot of my ORT jar.  I normally empty it when I do a TUSAL post and it's been a really long time!

I don't know if I can remember everything, but I believe there are threads from Fire and Ember SAL, three biscornu, one biscornu in progress, Satsuma Bunny, some Neglected Floss SAL patterns, and honestly I cannot remember what else.  It's been awhile since I emptied!

Now that this is emptied in to the larger jar and all of that tamped down, I have a shiny and empty jar to start filling again.  I don't know about you, but when I empty the jar I feel very accomplished.  It wouldn't need to be emptied if I wasn't doing things I loved to do.

So, after taking this picture of my ORT jar, I thought, "gosh, why not add a few yummy shots of recent finishes and almost finishes?"

Satsuma Street Bunny was supposed to be finished in time for the Easter Blog Hop, but that didn't happen which was really okay since I had that wonderful basket.  I don't normally do Easter decorations around my home but this year there was a serious NEED to do it.  Why not?  Bright colors and fun handmade items to show off are always a good decision.

The stitching is done here, and I have a lovely plan on how to FFO, but that part will have to wait as it isn't a gift for anyone or a commission.

If you follow my blog, you will know I used to make Chickie Bags and sell them on Etsy.  The particular way that I make them now hurts my hands to make, but I still have commissions to finish and give to the good people who ordered them.

I sucked it up, and finished the first one I'm calling M's Big Mama Chickie Bag.

My friend Cyndy and I went to Joann's and together found fabric for this bag and the remaining two.

I really love how this one has turned out.  Cyndy had purchased the pretty button, and as you can see we went though some of my finished motif's and I attached those on as well.

Day before yesterday I finally cut the fabric and made the lining inside with some floppy pockets. I have the lining ready to be hand sewn which is the last bit before it's ready to be given to the intended recipient...Cyndy's daughter in law.

Here's what I'm excited about most:  When I move to Colorado and I am no longer in this water logged yet totally beautiful place and my bones dry out, will I be able to crochet the Chickie Bags again?  I'm excited to find out.

For now, I'm trying to get commissions done, promised gifts and pack up my belongings for my big move in August....if  you haven't heard I'm bound for Colorado.

I really should blog about that entire idea and plan and the actions taken since it began, but for now please enjoy the pretty things!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Friday, April 14, 2017


Hello beautiful stitchers!  

Behold my busy little Easter display in it's glory!  Half of the fun things in the basket were handmade, some by myself and the rest by others.  

We have the bunny biscornu which was a beautiful freebie pattern from the amazing Joan Elliott. Thank you Joan!  The second biscornu is a beautiful pattern created by the lovely Magical.  Thank you Magical!  The fun chicken (aka Lavender Hen) was made by a local woman and I bought this from her at the recent craft fair at the Mendenhall Mall.  It is a lavender sachet and if you give it a gentle squish you smell nice!  Thank you ladies at the mall! Finally, the Wagon Trail Doll.  There was no tag and the woman who was selling the two that were there didn't know who made them, but talk about flash back!  Love that doll!  My friend Cyndy bought them both so we each have one.  Thank you Cyndy!  Love my basket.

For you fun loving blog hoppers here is your letter, handcrafted by yours truly:

Your next stop will be to head on over to time2xstitch!  I love the Easter blog hop so much!

Keep on hoppin'!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

WIPocalypse...Mostly RIPPING

Question for this month is: What SAL's are you participating in this year?

I'm so glad you asked!  

The Fire and Ember SAL is a DRAGON so naturally it had to be done!  I started this in July 2016 and we are supposed to do one page per month.  I finished August and then the rest of 2016 happened and this is as far as this went until recently.  While working on the September page, I finished all of one color only to find out that at the top of the page I made a mistake that was just enough to have to rip out all of that stitching up to a point.

As you can see, this is quite a bit of removal of perfectly beautiful stitching and where the needle is pointing is where I will be stopping and starting much still to remove...thank goodness I caught it in time (*sarcasm*).

The second SAL is Carla and Leo's Halloween Stitch Along.  For those of you who read my blog or are a Stitching Pirate on dA, you already know that for the past couple years, Leonore (aka Fusainne) and I have put on a Halloween SAL.  Leo picks the pattern and off we go!  This year we are doing it again and even created a Facebook page for everyone to join us.  

The patterns that Leonore has chosen this year are from Satsuma Street!  The pictures I'm showing here are courtesy of the Satsuma Street Etsy Shop and are the patterns for this year's SAL.  You can pick one or two or all three to's  up to you!  The owner, Jody Rice, is also a member of the group so I'm sure if you have questions for her you can post them on the Halloween SAL group page or just get on over to the Satsuma Street FB group page and shout out there.


We don't start stitching until August 15th so you have plenty of time to pick your pattern, get your fabric selected and figure out flosses!  Also, it is not too late to join the Fire and Ember SAL, we are only six pages in and still have plenty to go!

That's my WIPocalypse for this month!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Floss Tube and Finishes

Not only do I love to watch Floss Tube, read blogs, be a working part of Stitching Pirates....I now have my own Floss Tube videos!  It's so incredibly fun.  

I think the most fun is trying to find the best way to take video of my floss tube (I'm lying so hard right now)....trial and error and now I think I have found the way (telling the truth now).  The second video has audio problems...I said trial and error folks!

I have been a busy, busy stitcher since the new year, so here goes:

First biscornu of the year for the first place prize box of goodies on the Finish the WIP 2017 Contest over at Stitching Pirates.  I tried to match the colors on the biscornu to the box so it matched.  Just a box of goodies that any stitcher could easily fit in a suitcase or backpack for traveling.  I'm betting you could fit a small travel project in there.  

I'm guessing that is a $60 prize right there and that doesn't even count the adorable biscornu I made.  I don't know about you but I love making prizes.

I've been working really hard to get my promised 8 squares for Rainbows for Peace and Comfort group finished so they can be washed, ironed and sent to Timothy and turned in to quilts.  Rainbow Butterfly was created by Climbing Goat Designs.

Love was created by Miss Red and I am so grateful she has designed several patterns and donated them to our group for this lovely concept.  She is the one who created Peace which were the two doves I had done previously with the names of two of the fallen.

The most recent finish is Love Has No Limits by Lily Lyon.  I think this one was done specifically for the group but if I find out differently I will update that information.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern.  The heart was supposed to be all red, but I made it rainbow because you cannot have too many rainbows....or glitter...rainbows and glitter...seriously NEVER ENOUGH.

A small little finish for the January NFSAL that Magical created I will make a lovely card out of for someone special.  It's lovely blues and I really like how it came out.

I also finished the first section of the Beyond The Square Crochet Motifs by Edie Eckman which was cirlces.  I'm going to start the second section on February 1st.  

Aren't they soooooo pretty??!!  One per day.  I also have the other two books that came after this book by Edie Eckman and I will be doing those as well.  They are so fun and satisfying.  Still haven't figured out what to do with them once I've done them all.  I'm at 28 right now.  By the time I do them all I should have a little over 200. 

There you have it my sweet, sweet readers!  If you have a floss tube PLEASE share the link down below so I can watch and stitch.  I really am getting quite a bit done watching your videos.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 WIPocalypse

2017!  I can  hardly believe it.  I'm overjoyed by the newness!  It's just so wonderful.  

The first question of the year is:  Introduce yourself, your projects and any goals you have for the year.

Introducing myself:  I'm recently "retired", mother of three grown children, and ready for the next adventurous road life has to offer.

I went to my 2016 Finish it Up tab and copied this...STILL goals I'd like to achieve.

WIPS TO WORK ON:                                                      

12 Days of Christmas
Cead Mile Failte

Celtic Goddess
English Cottage Sampler
Flowers of the Month Bookmarks

Satsuma Street Citrus Biscornu
Stitching Pirates
Unseen Things

Motif a Day!


Pat's Quilt
Snowmen wall hanging
Derpy dice Bag
Rag Basket
Flowers For Nancy

You might have noticed that Celtic Goddess is back on the list...why?  Because the designer of this pattern contacted me hoping I still had her pattern!  Her home had been invaded, computers were stolen, her business suffered greatly, sites had to be shut down, pass words changed....and it has taken her five or six years to recover.  So back on the list the Goddess goes and because I hoard emails like hers, I was able to return her pattern.  

That list up seems that at the rate I'm going, I'll get done with it all when I get done with it all and not a moment sooner.  I've been frustrating myself for YEARS by putting up unreasonable deadlines or even thinking I could finish by a deadline.  So no more of that.

There is no guarantee that whatever I might have planned to happen this year will happen, so I'm going with the flow to see where it takes me.

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

Monday, December 19, 2016

This New Adventure I'm on...

Not sure how clear I have been on how very unemployed I am, but today is when I share with you that I am unemployed.  Four years shy of what could be the first in five different ages for acceptable retirement.  That means this isn't retirement.  I feel very retired. Sometimes just tired.  According to my retirement 401A (you know what that A stands for...because it's butts that's what), I shouldn't retire until I'm 65...the year 2035!  2035 is when the sun stops spinning so I think I will not wait that long.

Today I woke up on the couch at 7:30 am because my daughter likes to slam, stomp and bang around while preparing to leave for work.  She has this Ninja smoothie thing that is not quiet either. Then she leaves and doesn't make sure the front door is closed, so when anyone comes in to or leaves the secure building we live in, the door slowly opens a little more every time.  I just stayed on the couch.

Around 8:30 am the bladder insisted I find a way to get to the bathroom.  There is the roll and low crawl.  The butt scooch.  Roly Poly...sad fact on this one is I would get stuck trying to roll down the hallway unless I rolled like a ball and then decided rolling was no longer a viable idea.  In the end I just got up and walked.  I am a bipedal after all so why not?

After that I made some really amazing coffee I then made the really huge mistake of picking up my 2DS.  Played Animal Crossing; New Leaf until noon and then woke up at 4:19 pm.  The question of how to go to the bathroom again popped up but the leg thing worked earlier so let's do that again.

My daughter came stomping in, we conversed, had some food and then I sat back down on the couch wondering where my day went?  What exactly had I accomplished?  Well....I only owe Nook $18,000 for the remodel he did on my house and I did a little fishing.  If any of you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, my town is Opochka and my dream suite 5A00-0029-54A6.....have a lovely dream!

....about an hour later:

In order to give you the dream suite address I had to grab the 2DS and open the game...and then I went to the island and caught a few beetles (40 because that's all that fit in the box) and then came back to my village of Opochka and make a little over 148,000 bells with my haul, paid off my loan to Nook and did the happy dance.

In reality, Opochka is a lovely town in the Opochetsky District in Pskov Oblast, Russia.  In English that means it is a town on the western most end of Russia.  I just love the way the name sounds...Opochka.  It is just fun to say. Google Earth the town, you will agree, it is charming.  Little bit of a rough history with everyone and their neighbors invading since Opochka's beginning in 1414 and I'm confident at some point a townsperson stood up shaking their fist and said, "Пожалуйста, прекратите вторжение мой живописный городок! Мы просто перестроен из последнего вторжения, и мы не можем позволить себе новый пять галлонов ведро с краской!" English that means "dang it".

You want to know what I actually, really thought I would be doing today?  Cross stitching.  Then I actually thought I would finish one of my commissioned Big Mama Chickie Bags, or the Big Mama Chickie Book Bag, or even crochet some motifs.......or even better!  Finish cropping the motif pictures and uploading them to dA.  Mattsma's Gallery.  That didn't happen either.  I think I'm still showing I've done up to #20 in the motif book....surprise on you!  I've done up to #28, but it's only posted to #20.
This happened, thought I would share
I see you all stitching and doing....I have eyes.  I think when I made the Executive Decision to not be employed anymore this year I mentioned to myself that I am not going to be responsible for the rest of the year.  So far, so good apparently.

Tomorrow I need to walk.  So I will walk.  Now that I'm not employed I'm not an "insider" anymore and can look at all that work stuff from an outside point of view which basically makes it all subject to some fun story telling.  While walking I always see a co-worker who escaped briefly, and I will look for you tomorrow...around 10:00 am which is your break time......

Even though I am not, you all should KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Less Than Zerio Fried Chickens

Day before yesterday I said I would give a personal update "tomorrow".  Tomorrow was yesterday and here I am today trying to figure out how to write the promised personal update.

Two hours later, and threes tries at this and no matter how I do this, it comes off like some bitter rant about stuff I don't really care I'm not going to do that.

Here's a list instead:

1)  Saw a cardiologist who said "You need a job without stress" so I said "Okay" (there seems to be some strange correlation between my stress and something about stroking out)
2)  Transferred back to my old job and realized I give less than zerio fried chickens (a fun way of saying I give no f@#*s)
3)  Resignation letter emailed to manager (stress reduced by 1000%)
4)  Became happily unemployed (work stress now gone completely)
5)  Operation Plan Sparkle is now in effect (moving down south in 2017)

My lovely readers please do not be alarmed!  This happened as it should.  It feels right and honestly it’s about time.  Should have done this a year ago really.  So my decision is to do what I want to do and stop doing what I don’t want to do.

A responsible person would think, “I’d better find a new job before I leave this one”.  Well, at the very least have a plan on what to do next…...I’m not that kind of responsible.  I’m responsible.  This decision to resign was not made lightly.  The best part is now I get to regale you with situational stories and hopefully make you laugh.

But not today.  I have to go for my daily walk as per the heart doctor.  

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and doing what they love.

Until next time (which may or may not involve stitching)…..KEEP ON STITCHIN’

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Super Duper Mini Rawr Review Addition!

After the product review came out yesterday for the Mini Rawr pattern, fabric and floss pack, Jody contacted me to let me know that the floss "situation" had been resolved!  She had been working it out since our last conversation involving that math I told you about yesterday. Obviously she is better at the math than I am.

I know some stitchers don't buy every skein of floss available and ONLY go with what is provided so they don't have an NCC full of crafty goodness...or maybe you are a nomad and live the tiny house life and honestly there is no room for clutter....anywho, for me the floss running out was a concern (because I care about quality as much as the next consumer) and as per usual, Jody took care of that right away. Isn't she great??  She really is great.

She will not be providing that fabric since my creative honesty about the many uses of the AIDA bordered on serious danger.  Frankly, I never thought of cross stitching as a dangerous craft...except this one time I was listening to "KOKO" read by James Woods back in 1990 and my landlady popped in suddenly and if I hadn't been wearing glasses I would have lost an eye because she startled me. Since then there hasn't been any kind of safety issue.....until this AIDA.  Really it wasn't as bad as I made it out to be, but it was funny to write about.  However, I do agree with her that the fabric was not the quality she would normally hand out.  Jody never told me where she got this particular chunk of peril and that might be for the best in the end.  No one should have to go through that.

As always, Jody wants to provide a quality product.  We are all very fortunate that she goes to the lengths that she does.  You all know that there are some who really only care about getting your money one way or another.  She is also the kind of person who DOES take critique seriously and jumps in 100%.  Right now she's figuring out how to hand craft needleminders.  Not just any needleminders, but the kind of needleminder that screams "You cannot continue to exist if I am not with you immediately".

For those of you who don't think you need a needleminder, think again.  They make fabulous fridge magnets. If you work in a cubicle like I did, you can line them up at eye level on that stupid shelf that has those binders full of crap you will never read but you were told you cannot get rid of because it's company policy to keep them until the end of time...but shiny, pretty needleminders will ease you back to a place of tranquility.  Jody has so many different kinds of minders there is no way there isn't one or twelve just for you.

If you didn't head over to the Etsy shop yesterday (because you spent 18 hours reading the review) please do so today.  Check it out, make the store a favorite.  Stocking stuffers!  If you don't see anything you like, just drop Jody a note. Chances are good she has something just for you.

Unconventional X Stitch......Go there, you will not be disappointed!

Tomorrow....a personal share blog....until then.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Super Duper Mini Rawr Product Review

RAWR WIP 1.jpg

Jody over at Unconventional X Stitch asked me to do a product review for her and I gladly accepted.  How could I not when she provided pattern, fabric, floss and needleminder?  The USPS and Australian mail carriers cooperated extremely well, and before you know it I had everything I needed to begin the stitching. (Seriously, when she ships you will receive very quickly)

During this time Jody was stitching the same pattern and I was very excited to have a speed stitch competition.  I honestly thought I would win since Jody was in the process of relocating, has two kids and her business to run….when could she possibly have time to finish even if the pattern is a mini?

Sadly (or happily), she did beat me to it, but that’s alright.  It gave me time to slow down and pay attention to the job at hand….carefully inspecting the products provided for this fun mini stitch.

By now you are curious about RAWR?  Head on over to the RAWR Mini Pattern to see what I was stitching and if you are interested in a more detailed version of RAWR, the larger pattern might be perfect for you.  The original art is by Sugar Fueled (Michael Banks).. It is quite unique, adorable and fun (yes, I’m a fan).

The pattern was a  PDF from the UXS Etsy Store and, as always, Jody’s pattern was clean.  By clean I mean she isn’t grouping similar symbols together hindering your ability to tell which is what.  If you are blind like I am she will make you a colored chart.  I like taking my highlighters and inking the more complicated sections, but the color charts are ALWAYS an option for those who prefer that over black and white. Just let her know your preference.

Now that we have everything we need to stitch this little cutie, my first concern was the fabric.  I’m going to tell you now that I have been stitching for almost 30 years and AIDA is not high on my list of fabrics to stitch on.  I do agree that there are times it is a good idea, but my preference is almost anything but AIDA.

I pull out this AIDA fabric, 18 ct white, and with all the strength I can muster, I unfold this weapon’s grade material.  It is super stiff (from what I understand, AIDA is made to be stiff, but there is a limit isn’t there?).  I tried to iron it flat with the steam iron and ended up with what could only be considered a very dangerous and sharp tool for cutting vegetables or logs.  I like to sew around the edges of my fabric but was afraid...very afraid….what if my sewing  machine exploded?  

Strangely my machine did very well (it’s a Singer and I read once where Singers will sew through steel if given a chance) so was able to move to the next part:  putting the fabric in the hoop.  Back hoop is on the table, I place the plywood slab of AIDA on top and proceed to struggle with getting the outer rim down over it all.  Well, this isn’t working…………. TO THE KITCHEN!

I decide to give the fabric a nice sudsy wash in the kitchen sink with warm water and Lime Method. (Just FYI, technically one should not do this, and I will tell you why later on) Normally this works to soften the fabric.  Normally.  This time all I did was moisten the incredible amount of starch (or some fantastically tight weaving) that has been applied to the fabric, but it does yield enough to get on the hoop.

You may be thinking, my keen readers, that this fabric is dangerous and you may be right.  There are, however, MANY great qualities about this particular fabric you should be made aware of:

It is very stiff.  I believe we covered that one, but just in case you are thinking this is bad, it is actually good.  Stiff AIDA (once secured in the hoops) has a natural tautness to it which really helps to keep the stitching even and not allow warping (or you can make a ninja throwing star and forget about the really is up to you).  I appreciate this very much.  If you stitch free hand this fabric could be for you simply because of that stiffness (Serious forever fabric! Perfect for heirlooms and siding on your house with a 10,000 year warranty).

Fun fact: AIDA was originally pronounced Ay-EE-Duh, but the name was “adjusted” to AY-duh after a popular opera “AIDA” by Giuseppe Verdi.  When you don’t have television, internet, radio or any other way to get the word out about your textile, why not use this as your advertisement?

Having now worked up a sweat to get the fabric and the hoops to do the thing, my excitement to begin stitching rekindled.  I was now able to grab the floss packs that had been included.  Beautiful flosses, DMC as it happens, which I looked at lovingly.  I would say most stitchers are familiar with or at least know and have experienced DMC floss. DMC has been doing this since the Romans landed on the British Isles, wait that was 55 B.C…..that’s not right...hang on a sec and I’ll check my factoids…..

Fine, it wasn’t that far back, it was 1746, and in case you all didn’t know DMC stands for D.M.C which is alphabet soup for Dollfus-Mieg & Compagnie.  Next thing you know, John Mercer came up with mercerising (you really don’t want to know what that is….if you know anything about Victorian Era stuff, it’s blech, but strangely still used today...still blech so please stop putting that floss in your mouth to straighten before stitching).

Fun Fact:  Caustic Soda (I can’t help it, you need to know) which is also known as sodium hydroxide (Lye), is used to make fun things like plastic wrap (we wrap our foods in this….so gross), soap...I feel cleaner knowing this, paper (I love paper and now I don’t know how to feel about paper)....but the best part about this special soda which is caustic is this:  it is one of the fabulous ingredients in OVEN CLEANER.  Yes, you read correctly.  Mercerising uses this to strengthen and shine up that floss.

Thank you John Mercer for making our floss stronger and shiny……….and potentially dangerous in large quantities.  I mean, isn’t that what the “experts” say?  Not harmful unless you have it in large quantities?  Good thing this project is a MINI.

Wow, that went sideways in a bad way.  My finest of readers, never fear!  I have been sticking that floss in my mouth for 30 years and the CAT scan and blood tests came back clean…..we will be fine...good to go….ready for the next project!  If I can ever finish this one!  So onward!

When Jody supplies floss for a project, she always adds 30% more than required by the program that created the pattern.  This is a wise decision.  Now that I have laid out my thread cards I grab the first color...310.  I’m a one color at a time gal if I can get away with it and there are two main colors that have 2,268 and 3,450 stitches respectively and that’s an awful lot of both colors. According to the “Thread lengths for Rawr Mini”, there needs to be 8.9 meters of 310 and 13.6 meters of 939. From all appearances, the thread cards have enough floss to do this.

Back to that 18 ct AIDA; when selecting the right needle for your project I have to recommend something with a larger eye.  You will be hard pressed to stitch through one hole four times with a smaller eye.  My standard needle is John James size 26 Tapestry.  The eye is insufficient for this fabric.  Find a wider eye.  Seriously, your fingers will thank you.

rawr_wip_2_by_mattsma-dac0d69.jpgNeedle threaded with 310, it was time to begin………..

After the first 100 stitches, I realized it was going to be a wee bit hard going.  This was before I figured out the eye of the needle situation because I was so gung ho to get at it!  I love a challenge so much I don’t always stop to consider issues that pop up….like the eye of the needle…

Sia sings it best in one part of her song “Eye of the Needle”:

rawr_wip_3_by_mattsma-dafpzjt.jpgTears fall to the beat    
Smile through pain
Feel the acid rain
I ain't ready
I’ll hold steady

rawr_wip_9_by_mattsma-dah9159.jpgAll of this crying about the eye of the needle started about a third of the way through when the eye of the needle was puncturing my right middle finger (or rather, it was sliding easily into the meat of the pad)...there was blood! Now don’t become alarmed.  Somewhere in the Ol’ NCC there were stick on thimbles.  For the life of me I couldn’t find them, so I taped up the injured finger and soldiered on.

Before long I finished all of those thousands of stitches. Thankfully, I mean….unfortunately life interfered like it does and my middle finger was allowed to heal up.  When I returned to the project it was with total glee as the rest of the colors are so pretty!  Like a prize, I couldn’t wait to dive into the greens and teals and turquoise….SNAKE GREEN if you can believe that!

20160918_225134.jpgSometime during all of the stitching, Jody and I were having a conversation about the floss lengths provided on the floss cards.  If they are supposed to be 30% more than what the pattern calls for, then wine plus ruler plus wine plus centimeters plus seque over 1/3rd divided by oh dear god I spilled wine on the RAWR, must certainly equal a trip to the bathroom sink for a rinse off.  

A wonderful tip:  If you insist on drinking wine while stitching, having a conversation about stitching and floss, always, ALWAYS drink a white wine or a nice Pinot.  They rinse out fabulously and anyone who didn’t know would never guess anything was amiss.

In the end we figured out that the ratio equaled the tri-fecta which was determined by underlining some fancy words in the dictionary and came up with a result of minus zerio.  

20161002_003941.jpgOne very important point I would like to make when doing business with Jody:  If you are unhappy or confused or  need assistance (or a good cry) over any of her products, she really is there 24/7.  She wants a quality product.  It’s HER brand that could be bad mouthed and that is unacceptable.  It’s one of the reasons I love her products so very  much and why I do this product review for YOU.   

Once recovered from the situation with the math, and having stitched so much more, I found that the supplier of the thread pack apparently cannot measure.  If I had done this properly in the beginning I would have measured each color and written down the lengths for each one.  In the end there were 3 colors that I used all of and only one color I had to dig in my stash to finish.  Not too bad considering a third party was trying to follow the strictest directions.  

My recommendation for this floss pack issue is to just provide the third party with the measurements of each color and go from there...or….and Jody this is something we have discussed….do it yourself.  The only way to be confident in the product is usually to do it yourself.  I am hopeful that if the third party continues to do or wants to do business with Jody there will be a way to figure out the measurements.  But then I wonder if their math was done the same way Jody and I did ours?  Which could explain quite a bit.   If that is the case, well all I have to say is if you order up one of the thread packs just know that the process was complicated and required a ruler, tape measure, pinot, a rumpled white tablecloth, and one eye closed.  Don’t be angry if you are two stitches shy of finishing one color, just spill some wine on it, it will be fine.

Once RAWR was finished, I snapped a quick shot for Jody with it still in the hoop.  She liked it so much she asked to use it for her product feature.   

FAWR Finished.jpgI said earlier I would share why you shouldn’t wash your AIDA before you begin and the reason why is that when you moisten AIDA, and then it leather, it shrinks.  The moisture evaporates leaving behind a dry, hard, chunk of AIDA.  (That sounds horrible, but I was thinking about beef jerky when I wrote that….the end result is about the same) So why do we stitchers wash our AIDA after the stitching is completed? It’s because of the shrinking, which tightens up the fabric and make the colored thread come together more cleanly to cover the cloth so all you see is pretty stitches.  It is also the reason it was so hard for me to use my beloved size 26 Tapestry Needle...I had already shrunk the fabric right away to make it pliant, and followed up with a healthy splashing of Pinot….so the bloody finger was really punishment for not thinking prior to stitching.  Lesson learned (until next time).  

Overall, I really enjoyed stitching up the Mini Rawr.  For me it is especially wonderful to stitch something where the content is your “thing”, the person you are purchasing from is there for you from start to finish and isn’t afraid of critique.  I cannot say enough about the quality of customer service and professionalism you get at Unconventional X Stitch.  The best part of doing business with Jody is how I ended up with a friend. How’s that for getting more for what you paid for?  A freebie extra perk!  

Now that you have spent all day with me reading this product review, get yourself over to the Unconventional X Stitch shop and take a look at everything. Make the shop a favorite!  You won’t regret it, I swear.  If you have a sec and really feel a strong desire to share your feelings, PLEASE do so in the comments below.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and remember…..KEEP ON STITCHIN’