Thursday, February 15, 2018

February TUSAL

It's TUSAL TIME!  The jar looks pretty full, but in reality it's mostly big orts from fluffy yarn that makes it appear as if I have done so much.

At the bottom is a few bits from the Fire and Ember SAL.  The page I cannot seem to finish no matter how much I want to.  Seriously, it's almost finished!!

Piled on top of the Fire and Ember SAL orts are the fluffy yarn orts from my finishing up a project that has taken 3 years to complete.  My Big Mama Chickie Bag which is larger than the "normal" Big Mama' was MASSIVE.  Arthritis or no, I was seriously annoyed to see it in my yarn bag where I keep my current knitting and crochet projects and decided to FINISH THE BEASTIE! 

I really like it and maybe will sell it if I ever open my Etsy shop again.  

Because I finished this, I pulled out the yarn I had stuffed in the bag for Terri's book bag.  She didn't want a Chickie Bag, but she liked the style and wanted a book bag so I started that.  I'm pulling it apart right now because it looks terrible and the base is not big enough for a book bag.  What you see in this picture is not where it is at right now, it looks like a bowl.  The pictures I took made the yarn look black so no current pictures of what I'm ripping out.

February Neglected Floss SAL was stitched up and came out beautifully as a biscornu.  I have already planned to stitch all of the patterns for 2018 Neglected Floss SAL as biscornu.  

The next layer in the old ort jar is a large amount of white thread.  I had battled to the bitter end with my possessed sewing machine and lost.  That thread is expensive and to have battled so hard for so long I finally decided the machine was done.  My son Randall did get me an early Valentine's gift and found a gently used machine for $50.  I couldn't be happier with the new machine!  It is simple and quiet and even the vibe is good.  I don't need anything complicated to sew with....I quilt, sew a few clothes...nothing difficult.  This machine is perfect.

After that I went ahead and stitched the March Neglected Floss SAL pattern, but cannot share that as it isn't March yet.  I wanted that one done so I could focus on the Olympics and do some Olympic stitching.  For that I have been working on Ink Circles lovely!!

I'm really enjoying this pattern and the threads.  I almost went with the DMC-ish colors that were recommended on the chart.  When I dug through my flosses I had quite a few and the colors of the GAST threads were so rich and lovely I caved and ordered the rest I needed.  Very glad I did.

And THAT is February TUSAL!  Now I MUST get back to's VITAL I watch all the curling!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'

Monday, February 12, 2018

A Pirate's History

It seems that all my blabbing about Stitching Pirates on my floss tube has had some wonderful people trying to join recently!  Naturally they want to have that free pattern and needleminder, but I am also hopeful that they want to be part of THE CROSS STITCHING JUGGERNAUT!

We have contests, exchanges, tutorials and so on, and it really is quite wonderful.  The Stitching Pirates were my first experience meeting other stitchers (aside from the two women who introduced me to stitching) world wide and I will always be a Pirate!  I'm sure the older stitchers remember when cross stitching, or needlework in general, was a solitary pursuit and sharing the excitement of this beautiful hobby was usually met with glazed eyes and sometimes hurtful comments.

My girl Krystal (aka Spitfirefae) is trying to make a How To Join video that I can put in my floss tube showing everyone the process of how to join.  When we created the Facebook Group Page, it was merely a way to give our members a quick way to stay informed of what was happening, not to create another cross stitch group for the lovely stitcher to collect.


The Stitching Pirates is a cross stitch group on the artists website known as Deviantart (from here on out known as dA).  The website was created so that artists had a community to share and learn.  That was 14 years ago and has since grown into a massive collective of every kind of art imaginable.

The name itself "deviant" does NOT mean (in this case) nasty, distasteful porn.  It is the true meaning of deviate, turn out of the DIFFERENT.  During my 13 years as a member, there have been times when the conversation of WHAT IS ART? has come up and heated debate has ensued.  Going to this website can be challenging as there seems to be more "questionable art" submitted than the more standard art.  Type in the word "curling" in the search box and you will get 50% of the results being beautiful, naked women posing "artistically".  Why this would be the case for curling I have no idea, but that is how it is.  There have been times over the years that dA members have come across persons who did not understand what dA is and the wonderful people who take care of our website are quick to delete accounts that fall in to the "other" category of being fraudulent or spammers.

One such time was when a young man came across the website and immediately began submitting pictures of his junk and started noting people with links to his profile page.  This was pre-Tinder and definitely NOT art.  He was looking for the hook up not realizing that his account would be deleted and cleansed by the fire of the administration. 

Other times, like with all websites hoping to do good things, we get hit by spammers or other undesirables who are there to steal art. 

Because there are millions of people who are members, it isn't difficult to steer clear of the more risque artistic endeavors. Pockets and niches are to be found where a person can be and enjoy a smaller, sub-section of this website with other like minded individuals.  

I have traveled the world through beautiful photography and met some of my closest friends there.  Hobbyists and Craftsmen post there.  Painters, knitters, jewelry makers, wood workers; all are to be found in this amazing place.  

I'm sharing this information with you because it seems that the name itself was a deterrent for some who really want to be a Stitching Pirate.  Even that name suggests woeful deeds....what do pirates do but loot and steal?  Thankfully, our Stitching Pirates do not loot and steal; we inform, teach, learn from others and uphold a pretty strict regiment of crediting the original artist, share links of where to get patterns, and even watch for those who would steal.  Copyright infringement hurts everyone.

An excellent example is with our Hannah-Alexander.  Someone took her art without permission and created cross stitch patterns and sold them on Etsy.  When Ashley Mae asked permission to do the same, Hannah was reluctant and with excellent reason.  Now, the only person with permission to do picture to pattern is Ashley Mae.  She is legally with permission to do so.  Ashley Mae also has a contract with the Mucha Foundation for Mucha's 1896 Seasons Series and yet, there IS someone out there who has been converting Mucha's art to pattern and selling them.  That person has been found and the foundation has been notified.  That is how the Stitching Pirates roll.  

Now we stitchers have groups on Facebook, we have floss tube and our needlework community has exploded so much so that places like dA could be considered a mute point.  Yet, we endeavor to persevere! (A little phrase from the Outlaw Josie Wales) dA is still valid and thriving, and the Stitching Pirates sail onward!

If you had any qualms about joining dA and becoming a Stitching Pirate, I hope I have quashed those hesitating thoughts and concerns.  We ARE and always will BE regardless of social media groups. 

Pirate Penguinicon by TheUncle2k

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Monday, January 22, 2018

January IHSW

It has been soooooooo long since we have had a good, solid and true IHSW!  Even though I felt I had lost my stitchy bug, I managed to get a little bit done over the weekend and am pretty pleased.

Thanks to Jo and Joyce for getting this up and running again!

So this weekend's project was my Fire and Ember SAL and I'm STILL on page D2.  A little back story on the page names...I have a grid.  I'm nerdy and geeky and a grid had to happen.  Oh but wait!  It gets worse!

I'm not going to bother stitching top left to right and go row by row or page by page..NO.  I'm going A1, B1, A2, C1, A3, D1, A4 and now am struggling to stitch D2.

And there's more!  Each page also has a corresponding month!  A1 was July 2016.  Page D2 is actually February 2017.  Technically speaking (I mean let's get real, it is ALL technical here) I am 12 months behind!

To continue with the madness, I will stitch all of the outside pages first and then hit the middle....I mean...if I EVER get done with D2.

This is my first medium/large full coverage piece and it is pure joy to stitch...when I actually stitch on it.  It isn't the pattern that is the issue.  It's how I overwhelmed myself with projects and had to sit back and just calm down.  I do this all of the time...normal behavior, but things end up getting done in the end.

The before and after shots of D2.  Maybe today will see the end of D2 and the start of A5?  Who knows!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

First TUSAL 2018!

I haven't done TUSAL in quite some time so I'm excited to report in for this bit of funzies.

January 1st I emptied my ORT jar and here is where it was on that day of days.

January 1st
January 17th
It may seem like I had not emptied it in a year and that's just not the case!  I had emptied it several months ago after moving from Alaska to Colorado.

In this jar lies the debris of 5 Halloween projects, some biscornu, an ornament and some other stuff I don't remember right now.  There was some crazy stitching and crochet going on until the last of the year.

Once emptied, the immediate need to start filling it up again overcame me, but so far this is all I was able to stuff in there.  There is quite a bit of ripping in there, here's hoping next time will see less ripping and more stitching!

Now that I am back to following along with the TUSAL, I will empty my pretty blue ORT jar and begin again!  

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 WIPocalypse, let's start the year off right!

Q:  Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

My name is Carla!

For 2018 I have decided on a small-ish rotation. In 2017 I started doing something that seems to be working for me....finishing my WIPs one at a time. That is working for me. I can work on other things, but there has to be the main focus piece WIP that gets done.

In a previous blog post I had stated that I was adjusting my progress bars, and finally came up with my rotation so we all aren't getting bored seeing the same dang things sitting there, never aging like Dorian Grey.

For the beginning of the year I'm working on the following in a rotation:

Spring (New year start which is the main focus piece)
Fire and Ember SAL (my first full coverage piece)
Unseen Things (has sat stagnant for entirely too long)
Tapestry (a new start on December 15, 2017)
Cead Mile Failte (been sitting around almost as long at Unseen Things)
Stitching Pirates Ship (My Slow Stitch Sunday piece that hasn't been touched in over a year)

My main goal is to finish all the WIPs I have in my WIP bag. As I finish one, I will put another into the rotation. I have several new starts I want to do this year but feel that it wouldn't be right to do any of them without finishing some of the oldie but goodies. Cleaning out my WIP bag is something I need to do!

I can safely say that as this first week of the year has gone by, I have only successfully stitched on one thing and that is SPRING....and then I had to rip out half of what I stitched!  It makes me laugh, so all is not lost.

This is exciting for me as I really do LOVE each one of these projects!  I'm looking forward to figuring out how this rotation will work and if I really can do six projects on a rotation.  I've tried a rotation before and failed.  I wasn't centered and didn't have as much quiet time as I do now.  My new goal for 2018 is to empty my WIP bag!!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Everything Happened So Fast

No matter how organized I think I am, something gets overlooked or undone.  That would be my year end WIPocalypse post.  Like my WIPs, I too am a work in progress and therefore I forgive myself for the oversight.

Here are my completed projects for 2017!

I didn't include my Fire and Ember SAL as that is going to be part of the January 7th post for the 2018 WIPs.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Missing My Blog

Since I started doing Floss Tube in January I have let my blog languish.  After fumbling around for most of the year trying to learn how to speak clearly about concepts I can write pretty eloquently about, it renewed my NEED to write.

I have updated my 301 Reading List, and have been doing so here and there all year.  This evening I updated My Stash list and My WIPs so everything is current.  One thing that irritates me is that I haven't changed any of my progress bars project names in a very long time.

I am working through my WIPs, getting them done one by one.  By the end of the year more of those progress bars should be fuller or filled or gone entirely. One has disappeared!

Photo courtesy of The Mucha Foundation
Starting January 1st I'm going to start stitching "Spring" which is a Mucha painting from his 1896 Seasons.  Ashley Mae of Make It Pink has been granted permission from the Mucha Foundation to create the patterns and sell them for a time at her Etsy shop.  I'm hoping others will join me in this endeavor!  I'd love a SAL! Soon, "Summer" will be released and so on, but how beautiful is it to have Mucha at your fingertips that is not only a well made pattern but originally created from one of the most interesting artists of all time?

She is beautiful and I cannot wait to begin!  As I have said, I really need to quit messing around and get some of those old WIPs finished and out of the way. 

Hopefully you all aren't taking it as if I'm complaining about those WIPs and asking "Why don't you just put them away and do whatever?"  My answer is this:  I would like to see them finished!  I love them all.  Very rarely do I not like a project, and if I remember correctly there was only one that was pure torture to stitch. Looking at it now all I can say is that it is lovelier as time passes and I'm pretty glad I finished it.  So, let's get some stitching done!

Currently I'm working on prizes for the Stitching Pirates Words of Wisdom Contest.  My friend Leah had made some lovely little bags for me last year when I was downsizing my fabric so I've been making biscornu for each of the bags.  Since these are prizes, I'm thinking about  what all needs to be in a travel bag.  Biscornu, needle book, scissor cover and scissors.  Sounds about right, am I right?

Recently I completed five Halloween patterns.  I have never done more than three and have always felt that having one  per year was good enough.  Because Leonore and I created an FB group Carla and Leo's Halloween Stitch Along we had many more people join us.  This has been an annual SAL on DeviantArt for a couple of years, but since making the group on FB we have expanded.  This year Leonore chose Satsuma Street patterns and HOW FUN!

Happy Halloween was my first project for the SAL and all of the lettering was done in Kreinik's Blinding Black #4 braid.  It's beautiful.  The fabric is Fabric's by Stephanie.

Then, before I could finish that one I ran out of the Kreinik, ordered more and while I waited I started and finished Sorry We're Dead.  28ct Lugana that I hand dyed myself from a piece of fabric I had in my stash.

Once that Kreinik came in, I finished the two H's and that was done and on to Halloween Cat.  This was the pattern almost everyone else who joined us chose to do.  I have to say that Halloween Cat is such a fabulous pattern that no matter what kind of fabric you choose, the pattern looks great on ANYTHING!

While all of this is going on, Magical was busy creating a fun pattern for our Neglected Floss Stitch Along on DeviantArt.  We have a model stitcher now who creates the most fun from all the patterns, but I squeezed in a few days to stitch the October pattern as well.  

A little haunted house that was so fun to stitch up.  I used flosses from Colour and Cotton and those flosses were a delight to stitch with!  If you don't believe me, order a skein and give it a try.  Smooth sailing and I don't remember if there was any knotting or twisting.  I'm thinking there wasn't.  Delightful to stitch with! Also a fun pattern to give them a try.  I mean, I'm doing the five flosses per month club so trying the floss had to happen sometime.

Finally, and in keeping with my evil plan, I grabbed up Wacky Witches in Stitches by Cloudsfactory that was part of the 2016 Carla and Leo's Halloween SAL and FINISHED that one with a few days to spare before Halloween.

I did change a few things.  Hair on a few witches, changed the called for DMC to as many WDW flosses as possible which means 6 skeins of WDW Kohl!  The two owls were changed to a Raven and a black Cat.  This piece was a monster to stitch as it should's Halloween after all!  I went in to full berserker stitching mode for a week and a half since I was stitching after work every day.  

FIVE.  DONE.  Quite a feat for me who doesn't usually finish anything on time or by any self made deadline.  The downside to all of this is that I was OVER Halloween.  That has never happened before.  Exhausted.  I have surprised myself by completing all of these in a short amount of time.

Now that my work contract is finished, Halloween is finished, I've caught up on things, I'm tired.  Been sleeping quite a bit, but the healing has to happen in order to get back in to my personal schedule of get up, coffee or tea, check emails, chores, stitching and so on.  Yesterday and today I have spent more time sleeping than anything else.

What's next?  Those prizes I told you about which are too cute! I had said on my last floss tube that I was going to use patterns from the Floss Box Biscornu pattern pack 1, but when I sat down to figure out which patterns to use I almost threw the patterns across the room in disgust.  I was tired and hated everything, ha, ha.  So I spoke to Magical and asked (it was more like a bit of whining, and complaining and begging) if she could create special, just for this patterns.  She graciously, and patiently, took time out of her busy schedule and created patterns that MATCH the fabrics of each bag!  I was just sluggishly having that thought when up pops the first pattern!  I squealed with glee and even giggled....ADORABLE!  The first pattern she created from two pictures on the first bag and I could not be happier.  Tell me that's not ADORABLE??  You may know her as Galdra Stafir on Facebook and she has started a group called Weavers Tapestry Band Samplers SAL.  The woman is busy, and yet took time out for me.  Crabby, I hate Everything, me.  Let's not forget she is doing a Friday Freebie on her blog, she does the monthly patterns for NFSAL on dA and during all of this...SHE STITCHES like a mad woman.  

I may be babbling at this point but I feel I have to point out that my THREE, the top THREE designers for me are Magical, Ashley Mae and Jody.  Any time, day or night, these besties are there for me.  I love EVERYTHING they create.   Next year these three will dominate my stitching.....prepare yourselves for that onslaught!  These three designers are so completely different from each other in personality and style it makes me laugh.  I love them so very much.

My floss tube videos have been quietly successful.  A small following.  Turns out my Grandma watches me....MY GRANDMA.  She's 94.  I don't think the You Tube analytics have a section for that age range ha, ha!  She's in a special group all her own.  I am loving the interaction with floss tube watchers and other stitchers there and love to find out that the person I'm watching is someone I've been blogging along side and follow here.  It's nice to put a face to the wonderful writing.  It is all just happy stuff to watch.  If you haven't given Floss Tube a peek, try mine or just go to You Tube and type in Floss Tube.  It's a magical world that is so enjoyable and better than anything on TV.

Now it's time for me to say goodnight, still pretty wrung out and need that rest!  I hope everyone who stops by here is happy and healthy and stitching!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Brief Conversations With My Adult Daughter That Happened

It is always a good time when my daughter walks in and begins speaking or vice versa.  I never know what will come out of her mouth and one would think that having raised her myself I would be less shocked or surprised with our conversations.....but then I suppose I surprise her just as much.


Me:  Daughter, there is....can you...oh gawd, will you clean your room???

Daughter:  I can't.  It's called Xibalba and it grows.

Me:  Can you kill it please?

Daughter:  No mommy, the underworld will never die.


Daughter:  Marm, why is the deadbolt always locked when I come home from work?

Me:  Because people walk through the house and steal the laundry soap.


Daughter:  Why is there burnt bread in the sink?

Me:  I have no idea, I wasn't here


Me:  Did you know.....?

Daughter:  How long is this history lecture going to take? I have things to do online.

(My brother James was on two episodes of the Nat Geo show Port Protection)

Daughter:  Why is Uncle Jimmy the only person on this show that knows what a Spruce tree is?

Me:  His name is now Joms...listen...Curly is about to call down to him....


Me:  IF I ever become a grandmother I need to have a cool name the kidlets can call me...

Daughter:  Old is good, or old and fat....

Me:  I was thinking more like Yaya like the Greeks do, I don't like grandma...everyone is grandma....

Daughter:  No, old and fat or fatty mac fat


Daughter:  From now on I am paying the rent!!

Me:  Okay

Daughter:  No, I mean I'm paying the rent but you have to give me money.

Me:  Will two bucks be okay because I really want to go to that con in Portland in two months...


Daughter:  If I buy this food, you can pay me back for half.

Me:  Do I pick any of the food?

Daughter:  No, just pay for half. You put those chips in the cart.

Me:  Alright, well what's half of the internet bill?

Daughter: NEVERMIND.

Me:  Oh and how about $25 for the phone?  Wait, this is per month, so I'll pay half for the food and you pay half for the internet and $25 for your phone and then............

Daughter:  I'm not listening anymore.


Me:  I found this hundred dollar you want it?

Daughter:  Oh yes!

(the next day via text)

Me:  Baby bird will you bring home TP?  I'm making Colcannon.

Daughter: Yes.

Me:  Can you bring home Tofurky, Naan, sour cream, mac and cheese?

Daughter:  I will bring home mac and cheese piggo but that's all.

Me:  ?


Daughter:  I need to get a new office chair because mine is slowly falling apart.

Me:  Okay but we will have to dismantle it all the way before we put it in the dumpster.

Daughter: Yeah, I'll break it with my ASS.

Me:  Your fries smell delicious, may I have one?

Daughter: Pretty Princess does not share.

Every day spent with my beautiful daughter is a blessing to me.  She is such a beautiful and intelligent and creative person that I really cannot get enough of!

Until next time.....Keep On Stitchin'!

Friday, May 12, 2017

An Interview

My precious stitchers!

Next week I will be in Arizona with my good friend Ashley Mae, aka Pinky the Pink.  She does the most wonderful beadwork miniature dresses and art to pattern cross stitch patterns and I will be sitting down with her for an interview.

If you have questions about Ashley, or how she started her bead work or cross stitch or seamstress work, PLEASE post a comment below!

Here are some links to her wonderful and amazing works and Etsy store to give you a great idea of what this woman has accomplished and a peek in to future endeavors.

She is AMAZING!  I will be interviewing her in person and posting the video on my floss tube channel.  If you'd like to watch floss tube #14 and respond there here is the link for that:

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April TUSAL and Things

Because I've been doing whatever I have been doing and then trying out the floss tube, blogging has taken a back seat.  Writing in general has taken a back seat.  I'm barely able to write an email these days!

Since I was here today reading some blogs and looking at the pretty things, I figured I might as well post a shot of my ORT jar.  I normally empty it when I do a TUSAL post and it's been a really long time!

I don't know if I can remember everything, but I believe there are threads from Fire and Ember SAL, three biscornu, one biscornu in progress, Satsuma Bunny, some Neglected Floss SAL patterns, and honestly I cannot remember what else.  It's been awhile since I emptied!

Now that this is emptied in to the larger jar and all of that tamped down, I have a shiny and empty jar to start filling again.  I don't know about you, but when I empty the jar I feel very accomplished.  It wouldn't need to be emptied if I wasn't doing things I loved to do.

So, after taking this picture of my ORT jar, I thought, "gosh, why not add a few yummy shots of recent finishes and almost finishes?"

Satsuma Street Bunny was supposed to be finished in time for the Easter Blog Hop, but that didn't happen which was really okay since I had that wonderful basket.  I don't normally do Easter decorations around my home but this year there was a serious NEED to do it.  Why not?  Bright colors and fun handmade items to show off are always a good decision.

The stitching is done here, and I have a lovely plan on how to FFO, but that part will have to wait as it isn't a gift for anyone or a commission.

If you follow my blog, you will know I used to make Chickie Bags and sell them on Etsy.  The particular way that I make them now hurts my hands to make, but I still have commissions to finish and give to the good people who ordered them.

I sucked it up, and finished the first one I'm calling M's Big Mama Chickie Bag.

My friend Cyndy and I went to Joann's and together found fabric for this bag and the remaining two.

I really love how this one has turned out.  Cyndy had purchased the pretty button, and as you can see we went though some of my finished motif's and I attached those on as well.

Day before yesterday I finally cut the fabric and made the lining inside with some floppy pockets. I have the lining ready to be hand sewn which is the last bit before it's ready to be given to the intended recipient...Cyndy's daughter in law.

Here's what I'm excited about most:  When I move to Colorado and I am no longer in this water logged yet totally beautiful place and my bones dry out, will I be able to crochet the Chickie Bags again?  I'm excited to find out.

For now, I'm trying to get commissions done, promised gifts and pack up my belongings for my big move in August....if  you haven't heard I'm bound for Colorado.

I really should blog about that entire idea and plan and the actions taken since it began, but for now please enjoy the pretty things!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Friday, April 14, 2017


Hello beautiful stitchers!  

Behold my busy little Easter display in it's glory!  Half of the fun things in the basket were handmade, some by myself and the rest by others.  

We have the bunny biscornu which was a beautiful freebie pattern from the amazing Joan Elliott. Thank you Joan!  The second biscornu is a beautiful pattern created by the lovely Magical.  Thank you Magical!  The fun chicken (aka Lavender Hen) was made by a local woman and I bought this from her at the recent craft fair at the Mendenhall Mall.  It is a lavender sachet and if you give it a gentle squish you smell nice!  Thank you ladies at the mall! Finally, the Wagon Trail Doll.  There was no tag and the woman who was selling the two that were there didn't know who made them, but talk about flash back!  Love that doll!  My friend Cyndy bought them both so we each have one.  Thank you Cyndy!  Love my basket.

For you fun loving blog hoppers here is your letter, handcrafted by yours truly:

Your next stop will be to head on over to time2xstitch!  I love the Easter blog hop so much!

Keep on hoppin'!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

WIPocalypse...Mostly RIPPING

Question for this month is: What SAL's are you participating in this year?

I'm so glad you asked!  

The Fire and Ember SAL is a DRAGON so naturally it had to be done!  I started this in July 2016 and we are supposed to do one page per month.  I finished August and then the rest of 2016 happened and this is as far as this went until recently.  While working on the September page, I finished all of one color only to find out that at the top of the page I made a mistake that was just enough to have to rip out all of that stitching up to a point.

As you can see, this is quite a bit of removal of perfectly beautiful stitching and where the needle is pointing is where I will be stopping and starting much still to remove...thank goodness I caught it in time (*sarcasm*).

The second SAL is Carla and Leo's Halloween Stitch Along.  For those of you who read my blog or are a Stitching Pirate on dA, you already know that for the past couple years, Leonore (aka Fusainne) and I have put on a Halloween SAL.  Leo picks the pattern and off we go!  This year we are doing it again and even created a Facebook page for everyone to join us.  

The patterns that Leonore has chosen this year are from Satsuma Street!  The pictures I'm showing here are courtesy of the Satsuma Street Etsy Shop and are the patterns for this year's SAL.  You can pick one or two or all three to's  up to you!  The owner, Jody Rice, is also a member of the group so I'm sure if you have questions for her you can post them on the Halloween SAL group page or just get on over to the Satsuma Street FB group page and shout out there.


We don't start stitching until August 15th so you have plenty of time to pick your pattern, get your fabric selected and figure out flosses!  Also, it is not too late to join the Fire and Ember SAL, we are only six pages in and still have plenty to go!

That's my WIPocalypse for this month!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Floss Tube and Finishes

Not only do I love to watch Floss Tube, read blogs, be a working part of Stitching Pirates....I now have my own Floss Tube videos!  It's so incredibly fun.  

I think the most fun is trying to find the best way to take video of my floss tube (I'm lying so hard right now)....trial and error and now I think I have found the way (telling the truth now).  The second video has audio problems...I said trial and error folks!

I have been a busy, busy stitcher since the new year, so here goes:

First biscornu of the year for the first place prize box of goodies on the Finish the WIP 2017 Contest over at Stitching Pirates.  I tried to match the colors on the biscornu to the box so it matched.  Just a box of goodies that any stitcher could easily fit in a suitcase or backpack for traveling.  I'm betting you could fit a small travel project in there.  

I'm guessing that is a $60 prize right there and that doesn't even count the adorable biscornu I made.  I don't know about you but I love making prizes.

I've been working really hard to get my promised 8 squares for Rainbows for Peace and Comfort group finished so they can be washed, ironed and sent to Timothy and turned in to quilts.  Rainbow Butterfly was created by Climbing Goat Designs.

Love was created by Miss Red and I am so grateful she has designed several patterns and donated them to our group for this lovely concept.  She is the one who created Peace which were the two doves I had done previously with the names of two of the fallen.

The most recent finish is Love Has No Limits by Lily Lyon.  I think this one was done specifically for the group but if I find out differently I will update that information.  I absolutely LOVE this pattern.  The heart was supposed to be all red, but I made it rainbow because you cannot have too many rainbows....or glitter...rainbows and glitter...seriously NEVER ENOUGH.

A small little finish for the January NFSAL that Magical created I will make a lovely card out of for someone special.  It's lovely blues and I really like how it came out.

I also finished the first section of the Beyond The Square Crochet Motifs by Edie Eckman which was cirlces.  I'm going to start the second section on February 1st.  

Aren't they soooooo pretty??!!  One per day.  I also have the other two books that came after this book by Edie Eckman and I will be doing those as well.  They are so fun and satisfying.  Still haven't figured out what to do with them once I've done them all.  I'm at 28 right now.  By the time I do them all I should have a little over 200. 

There you have it my sweet, sweet readers!  If you have a floss tube PLEASE share the link down below so I can watch and stitch.  I really am getting quite a bit done watching your videos.

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 WIPocalypse

2017!  I can  hardly believe it.  I'm overjoyed by the newness!  It's just so wonderful.  

The first question of the year is:  Introduce yourself, your projects and any goals you have for the year.

Introducing myself:  I'm recently "retired", mother of three grown children, and ready for the next adventurous road life has to offer.

I went to my 2016 Finish it Up tab and copied this...STILL goals I'd like to achieve.

WIPS TO WORK ON:                                                      

12 Days of Christmas
Cead Mile Failte

Celtic Goddess
English Cottage Sampler
Flowers of the Month Bookmarks

Satsuma Street Citrus Biscornu
Stitching Pirates
Unseen Things

Motif a Day!


Pat's Quilt
Snowmen wall hanging
Derpy dice Bag
Rag Basket
Flowers For Nancy

You might have noticed that Celtic Goddess is back on the list...why?  Because the designer of this pattern contacted me hoping I still had her pattern!  Her home had been invaded, computers were stolen, her business suffered greatly, sites had to be shut down, pass words changed....and it has taken her five or six years to recover.  So back on the list the Goddess goes and because I hoard emails like hers, I was able to return her pattern.  

That list up seems that at the rate I'm going, I'll get done with it all when I get done with it all and not a moment sooner.  I've been frustrating myself for YEARS by putting up unreasonable deadlines or even thinking I could finish by a deadline.  So no more of that.

There is no guarantee that whatever I might have planned to happen this year will happen, so I'm going with the flow to see where it takes me.

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

Monday, December 19, 2016

This New Adventure I'm on...

Not sure how clear I have been on how very unemployed I am, but today is when I share with you that I am unemployed.  Four years shy of what could be the first in five different ages for acceptable retirement.  That means this isn't retirement.  I feel very retired. Sometimes just tired.  According to my retirement 401A (you know what that A stands for...because it's butts that's what), I shouldn't retire until I'm 65...the year 2035!  2035 is when the sun stops spinning so I think I will not wait that long.

Today I woke up on the couch at 7:30 am because my daughter likes to slam, stomp and bang around while preparing to leave for work.  She has this Ninja smoothie thing that is not quiet either. Then she leaves and doesn't make sure the front door is closed, so when anyone comes in to or leaves the secure building we live in, the door slowly opens a little more every time.  I just stayed on the couch.

Around 8:30 am the bladder insisted I find a way to get to the bathroom.  There is the roll and low crawl.  The butt scooch.  Roly Poly...sad fact on this one is I would get stuck trying to roll down the hallway unless I rolled like a ball and then decided rolling was no longer a viable idea.  In the end I just got up and walked.  I am a bipedal after all so why not?

After that I made some really amazing coffee I then made the really huge mistake of picking up my 2DS.  Played Animal Crossing; New Leaf until noon and then woke up at 4:19 pm.  The question of how to go to the bathroom again popped up but the leg thing worked earlier so let's do that again.

My daughter came stomping in, we conversed, had some food and then I sat back down on the couch wondering where my day went?  What exactly had I accomplished?  Well....I only owe Nook $18,000 for the remodel he did on my house and I did a little fishing.  If any of you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, my town is Opochka and my dream suite 5A00-0029-54A6.....have a lovely dream!

....about an hour later:

In order to give you the dream suite address I had to grab the 2DS and open the game...and then I went to the island and caught a few beetles (40 because that's all that fit in the box) and then came back to my village of Opochka and make a little over 148,000 bells with my haul, paid off my loan to Nook and did the happy dance.

In reality, Opochka is a lovely town in the Opochetsky District in Pskov Oblast, Russia.  In English that means it is a town on the western most end of Russia.  I just love the way the name sounds...Opochka.  It is just fun to say. Google Earth the town, you will agree, it is charming.  Little bit of a rough history with everyone and their neighbors invading since Opochka's beginning in 1414 and I'm confident at some point a townsperson stood up shaking their fist and said, "Пожалуйста, прекратите вторжение мой живописный городок! Мы просто перестроен из последнего вторжения, и мы не можем позволить себе новый пять галлонов ведро с краской!" English that means "dang it".

You want to know what I actually, really thought I would be doing today?  Cross stitching.  Then I actually thought I would finish one of my commissioned Big Mama Chickie Bags, or the Big Mama Chickie Book Bag, or even crochet some motifs.......or even better!  Finish cropping the motif pictures and uploading them to dA.  Mattsma's Gallery.  That didn't happen either.  I think I'm still showing I've done up to #20 in the motif book....surprise on you!  I've done up to #28, but it's only posted to #20.
This happened, thought I would share
I see you all stitching and doing....I have eyes.  I think when I made the Executive Decision to not be employed anymore this year I mentioned to myself that I am not going to be responsible for the rest of the year.  So far, so good apparently.

Tomorrow I need to walk.  So I will walk.  Now that I'm not employed I'm not an "insider" anymore and can look at all that work stuff from an outside point of view which basically makes it all subject to some fun story telling.  While walking I always see a co-worker who escaped briefly, and I will look for you tomorrow...around 10:00 am which is your break time......

Even though I am not, you all should KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Less Than Zerio Fried Chickens

Day before yesterday I said I would give a personal update "tomorrow".  Tomorrow was yesterday and here I am today trying to figure out how to write the promised personal update.

Two hours later, and threes tries at this and no matter how I do this, it comes off like some bitter rant about stuff I don't really care I'm not going to do that.

Here's a list instead:

1)  Saw a cardiologist who said "You need a job without stress" so I said "Okay" (there seems to be some strange correlation between my stress and something about stroking out)
2)  Transferred back to my old job and realized I give less than zerio fried chickens (a fun way of saying I give no f@#*s)
3)  Resignation letter emailed to manager (stress reduced by 1000%)
4)  Became happily unemployed (work stress now gone completely)
5)  Operation Plan Sparkle is now in effect (moving down south in 2017)

My lovely readers please do not be alarmed!  This happened as it should.  It feels right and honestly it’s about time.  Should have done this a year ago really.  So my decision is to do what I want to do and stop doing what I don’t want to do.

A responsible person would think, “I’d better find a new job before I leave this one”.  Well, at the very least have a plan on what to do next…...I’m not that kind of responsible.  I’m responsible.  This decision to resign was not made lightly.  The best part is now I get to regale you with situational stories and hopefully make you laugh.

But not today.  I have to go for my daily walk as per the heart doctor.  

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and doing what they love.

Until next time (which may or may not involve stitching)…..KEEP ON STITCHIN’