Thursday, September 8, 2016

Update on Things

Olympic gold?  Nope, not even close enough to get a whiff of the Bronze in my endeavor.  It wasn't that I had all those was work.  THAT is a different story and one I'm not going to blather about today as I do not have one eloquent word to say.

I do have some updates on things that did get stitched on.  Here's the list again so you can see what I had hoped to achieve a bit of:

1: Stitching Pirates Ship
2: Second Page of Fire and Ember SAL
3: Rawr
4: Cube Tutorial
5: Big Mama Chickie Bag
6: Big Mama Chickie Bag
7: So Blue Book Bag

Stitching Pirates Ship received no love.  Second page of Fire and Ember SAL was finished.

RAWR saw some serious stitching done on that:  2268 stitches of 310 complete and I'm about 300 stitches away from completing 3450 stitches of 939, so not too shabby.  

The cube tutorial hasn't happened as I have not finished stitching the body yet.  Big Mama Chickie Bag saw no love.  The second Big Mama DID see some love so I'd say I'm about 15% done with it now.  The So Blue Book Bag has not even been started as I had to ask a few more questions about the handle my customer wanted.  So not too bad over all, it could have been worse, right?

The 2016 Halloween SAL is going on right now, so if you are participating let Leonore know or comment below with link to your updates!  We have some really great stitching going on there. Sadly not by me (ha, ha).  I have a window and tons of pretty blank fabric.  PLEASE go check on Leonore's progress!  Another fun pattern for this year that's for sure! 

If you want to see who else is stitching along and how far they have gotten, please head on over to my dA main page for a peek.  

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

WIPocalypse Olympics!

I know this technically started, but I am starting TODAY.  What you see below is what I'm going to strive to finish!  It's insane, I'm aware...which makes me.....insane, so lets just get passed that part and get to the FUNZIES!

1: Stitching Pirates Ship
2: Second Page of Fire and Ember SAL
3: Rawr
4: Cube Tutorial
5: Big Mama Chickie Bag
6: Big Mama Chickie Bag
7: So Blue Book Bag

Let's see what happens!  Every person who has trained for the Olympics goes in to do their best.  I am hopeful that all my training has not gone to waste and NOW is the time to shine and GO FOR THE GOLD!  Intro with the super great music from goooooood.....

until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

WIPocalypse Olympics!

I know this technically started, but I am starting TODAY.  What you see below is what I'm going to strive to finish!  It's insane, I'm aware...which makes me.....insane, so lets just get passed that part and get to the FUNZIES!

1: Stitching Pirates Ship
2: Second Page of Fire and Ember SAL
3: Rawr
4: Cube Tutorial
5: Big Mama Chickie Bag
6: Big Mama Chickie Bag
7: So Blue Book Bag

Let's see what happens!  Every person who has trained for the Olympics goes in to do their best.  I am hopeful that all my training has not gone to waste and NOW is the time to shine and GO FOR THE GOLD!  Intro with the super great music from goooooood.....

until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

August TUSAL

I have been missing posting the monthly update on this which also means I have not emptied my ORT jar in MONTHS.

I finally got around to cutting another bottle and since it is too tall for my knitting needles, I'm going to use it to dump my ORTs in to and see how long it takes to fill to capacity...I WILL be mashing it down as I go along, so eventually it will be very, very full.

You see that shiny, pretty, super wonderful fabric?  That has been used around the jagged top to create the Super Giant ORT Storage Jar!

Hope your ORT jar is always over flowing!  It's a sign of beautiful creations and LOVE being shared.

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

WIPocalypse - April to July

Yep, this year doesn't seem to be different from last  year....a group WIPocalypse blog post.  You will like it!

April's question:  What do you listen to while stitching?

Well, I LOVE audio books.  This is where I can do the two most favorite things at the same time and I don't need to be cloned!  While listening to Amazonia and the Divergent Series I was stitching Queen Bee.  While stitching the Cube of Oblique I was listening to the Mongoliad Series (that's ongoing still since those books are huge), and I have stitched so many things while listening to my beloved Hamish MacBeth Mysteries I cannot even begin to start that list!  

It is difficult for me to have the TV on while stitching unless I have seen a particular movie so many times I don't need to look, but I can stitch to any show on the ID channel.

May's question:  What were you stitching this time last year and have you finished it?

That is a great question!  So let's take a look....

I finished all of Magical's Ornament of the Month Series which is how I ended up with the beautiful biscornu...which ended up being a birthday present for a beloved friend.

I also finished the "Friends" quilt that Wendy had a BOF or Block of the Fortnight going.  This is hanging in my cubicle at work.

I started working on the Cead Mile Failte in earnest this year but still have not finished, so sadly it is still hanging around waiting it's turn for more stitching.

June's question:  Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

I would have to say winter usually.  This year has been a bit strange as it hasn't mattered what the weather, I'm stitching all of the time. In the past, it has been January and February that see the most getting done.

July's question:  Olympic Challenge....oh boy!  I was excited about this idea months ago and it still gets me excited.  I'm going for the distance!  For the WIN!  So I have these WIPs.  As we all do.  I will have that WIP and go for the finish!  GOING FOR THE GOLD!  

Right now I have Stitching Pirates still on the go, but with the George Washington Group and the stitching events Lisa puts on, I've managed to get some serious stitching done on it.

I'm hoping to be done with this very soon so I can grab the next WIP and get that done as well.  August is coming!

There you have it!  Up to the minute WIPocalypse!

I hope you all are as busy as you look on stitching!

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Reading List

I have been reading books from my reading list and thought I would gab about them for a brief moment before inundating you all with more cross stitch and horror stories about moving.

I'm thinking there really is no need to do some windy report on each book I cracked open and read cover to cover.  I'm not a critic anyway.  But I will try to find one word that describes how I feel about each one so far.

1984:  NO.  
A Christmas Carol:  YES
A Prayer for Owen Meany:  YES
Alice in Wonderland:  YES
A Game of Thrones (all the books so far):  MAYBE
Charlotte's Web:  YES
Diary of Anne Frank: (read probably a gabillion times now plus 1) YES
Ender's Game: (the series, not just one)  YES
Finnegan's Wake:  wait...what?
Hamlet:  YES
Jane Eyre:  YES
Robinson Crusoe: I resolve to say YES
Sophie's Choice:  YES
The Book Thief:  YES
The Catcher in the Rye:  NO. (you will probably ask why and I am prepared to tell you)
The Count of Monte Cristo:  YES
The Glass Castle:  YES
The Grapes of Wrath:  YES
The Handmaid's Tale:  YES
The Lord of the Flies:  YES
The Princess Bride: I want to say YES, but it truly ISN'T the movie.
The Road:  YES (so much better than the movie)
Wuthering Heights:  MAYBE (seriously, could this have been any darker?? Did the sun ever shine??)

Just started Cold Comfort Farm which is so wonderfully light hearted ESPECIALLY after reading A Prayer and The Catcher back to back...please don't do that to yourself.  

The 301 list isn't all I have been reading!  There are so many good things I cannot help throwing in something NOT on the list just to convince myself there really are no rules going on here.  

I received a tweet on Twitter (apparently that is what happens when...) from Tim McBain.  He co-authored the Scattered and the Dead series with L.T. Vargus.  So I gave the first book a read which is really a 0.5 book before the actual Book 1 (strangely it fits for these two) and found it to be very awesome. 

So you are now thinking, "ANOTHER zombie apocalypse series??"  YES.  But there really aren't very many zombies (there is Mitch, but he kind of didn't do it right).  So try Book 0.5 and see what you think.  It's a short read.  Then read the Book will kind of want to at that point.

Let's see, for book club I read Above the Waterfall.  If you like poetry (which this book isn't) you may enjoy it. 

There are more books crammed in, but for now this might get you thinking about picking up one or two at the library or wherever you like to grab books from and have a read.

Friend me on Goodreads and make sure you point out all the OTHER great books I need to read ha, ha!

Until next time.....Keep on Reading! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

What's Up Pussycats?

Struggling along with life!  Aren't we all?  I bet you are as well, but fear not!  Change is hard, but there is this little sign I have at work that says in order to achieve something we have never before achieved we must do things we have never before done.

I have been doing these things and using the learning experiences from the past to help guide me from making historical mistakes and I have to is truly a blessing to be where I'm at now and to KNOW where I'm going.

It's my personal opinion that any human being needs a goal.  Some might need more than one, or many, in order to achieve the giant goal they have set for themselves.  Just as long as one remembers that things don't always work out the way you imagined they would but the end result is usually what you were going for or better.  In my case, it is so much better.

Lately I've been noticing that no one wants to hear me drone on and on about the latest particulars so I won't do that here.  To sum up, I have cleaned up my credit, packed everything and put it in storage, my daughter found a lovely condo we will be inhabiting at the end of June and life is grande.

How about we take a peek at what I've created since the last blog post?  If you don't follow me on DeviantArt then this will be quite a treat for you!

This lovely thing is for my friend Ashley (aka Pinky the Pink who has an Etsy store called Make It Pink)  I purchased the Breast Cancer Awareness biscornu pattern from Rainburst Embroidery and altered it slightly to make it pink.  So incredibly perfect.

For the Neglected Floss SAL for May I stitched up another biscornu using Magical's lovely pattern but had to leave off the spirograph back stitching as it wouldn't lay properly.  

Continuing with my Sunday Slow Stitch reporting on my progress for the Stitching Pirate's Ship pattern, I grabbed it up and began posting irregular updates on dA to show the painfully slow progress.  The great thing is there is a little stitching challenge going on over at the Stitch George Washington FB group right now so I've been trying to get some stitching in every day since last Friday.  Today I am at a little over 1,000 stitches and hope to get well over 2500 by Wednesday which is the cut off date for this event.  I want to fill my sails!

Back again to dA and May 1st saw the start of a new stitching contest called Ye Olde Sampler Contest.  Since I am one of the judges my entries don't count, but I wanted to put something in there just for funzies and found this tiny little Lizzie Kate pattern in the Unseen Things series.  The larger Unseen Things pattern is one of my WIPs which I will get to next once the ship has sailed (hurr hurr har har arrrrg).

Along came the Neglected Floss SAL for June and with it another beautifully crafted pattern by our spirograph master Magical!  She said she created this with me in mind as my organized life has been off kilter for a bit.  I loved it so much I stitched it up six times! Once I completed the sixth it was so tempting to just continue onward, but I had a mission at this point......TO MAKE A CUBE.  If you will notice, the pattern itself is only slightly off....just a little.  So I named my cube the CUBE OF OBLIQUE.  Fancy name for a fancy cube. 

You all know that for me this is not very much stitching, but I assure you I have been very busy....NOT stitching ha, ha.  

Every summer seems to have many things going on so I suppose I'm either ahead of the game for stitching or right on track.  Either way, I love what I have done and am excited about the finishes.

I'm hoping that I can get back to blogging more and keeping up with my SALs.  Blogging took a back seat and I've missed it so very much!

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

Friday, April 22, 2016

IHSW for April

It has been explained to me several times that IHSW is International Hermit Stitch Weekend and the premise is to spend some time, ANY time, over the weekend stitching.  Like "me" time with stitching.

For those of you who don't know why this gets explained to me, I will explain to you:  Because my girlfriends and I have an IHSW Hangout where we chat in Google Hangout, have show and tell, discuss important topics of the day and all that.  

All of us ARE enjoying our "me" time by stitching together in our own homes, but with a twist.  It's how we roll.  If we could, we would just go to one of our houses (or rather: INVADE) and stitch together, drink tea and be annoyed at the world together.  It's hard to do when the six of us live so far apart.  Two in Europe, one in Canada, two in the lower 48 of the US and myself in the Country of Alaska.  The other obstacle is none of us are independently wealthy and cannot fly everyone to a beautiful destination to be together for a week of glorious stitching and talking and cooking.  The last huge reason...and this is so terribly important...we do not have in our possession a teleporter.  

Granted, every single one of us is incredibly brilliant in our own way, not one of us knows how to build a teleporter.  It's such a shame.  

One would think that with my alien technology I would have something like that laying around my space ship.  Sadly, I came to Earth in the compact, economy model of space ship.  Kind of like a Smart car but not as smart.  In every society there has to be someone higher up who makes the final decision on what the budget will be and in my case I was lucky to have what I had!  Heavy sigh.

So, there we were...ALL six of the Hangout.  It was a first.  Sometimes people pop in to say hi and go do whatever they are doing, sometimes two of us will blab all day long.  I'm pretty proud to say that ALL of us were present at the same time.  It was wonderful.

I still wasn't feeling very well and poor Leonore was coughing and sniffling, but a good time was had by all.  

We were alone, but not alone.  We did our Hermit thing together, apart.  Some of you more A-types will continue to argue this defeats the purpose, but we all disagree. It is our designated time for we.  

So there is the explanation, the rationalization, and the reason we do it this way.  We've been doing it this way for a few years now.  Give it a try sometime with your friends who are far away.  It's really fun!

Until next time.....Keep On Stitchin'!

Belated FNSI

So I am a week late for Friday Night Sew In.  I apologize.  Did NOT have time for being sick and for the life of me don't even know what it was.  Flu?  Who knows.  All I know is that Thursday I was trying to cram two hours of need to be done stuff in to 20 minutes and suddenly I had to throw up.

I could go in to some great detail about that if you'd like?  I felt nauseous all day, hot, sweaty, dizzy, seriously know the drill.  Then I get home, unload my saddle bag and am trying to change my clothes in a hurry when SUDDENLY it occurred to me that there needs to be some haste made to the WC before things get ugly.  

THAT put an all stop to everything I had planned for the evening.  I tried to watch Critical Role with Nancy, but was so incredibly tired and dizzy it was just time to give in and call it.  I threw in the towel and let nature take it's course.....directly to a much needed coma for about 8 hours.  

Friday I felt about the same, but showered and prepared for work and laughed at myself.  Here is the conversation:

Self:  Hey now, what are you all doing there? (Technically it's ya'll, but I don't like typing that as it kind of feels too twangy even though that is how it is said by me and my family)
Me:  Trying to get ready for work. (Technically it's TRYIN' TUH GIT REDDY FER WERK)(Also, once fully awake the accent does lose it's strength so I'm "normal" again after an hour or so)
Self:  Riiiiiiiiiight, well let me make sure you understand that you are still very tired and could release that glass of water you just drank any moment now.  Give that some thought while you look for that other sock.
Me:  Dang it!  Can't I just put the sock on and make some tea and wander around to see how I feel before making that call?
Self: I suppose so.  I'll give you until 7:00 a.m.
Me: That's just fine by me.

7:00 a.m. rolls around and I cannot locate my phone, my head is on fire and I'm dizzy and feel that water (and now tea) trying to escape.

7:05 a.m. found the phone, made the call in to work and am now safely back in bed.

7:05 a.m. the sweet, sweet sleep takes me away.

10:35 a.m. I rise from my awkward slumber and make some tea and try stitching and chatting with the girls online.  I feel better, but am paying more attention to my "self".  I have a 2:00 p.m. appointment and a 4:00 p.m. appointment and neither can be missed no matter what.  I could have missed both and just gone back to bed, but then my tags would be expired and my mortgage application wouldn't be getting done.

I REALLY want to tell you about the DMV experience, but I'll save that for another time...I have this really great one about re-newing my license...sooooooooooo hilarious!

So, what did I do for FNSI?  Yes, I finally finished the last two ornaments from Magical's Ornament of the Month that she did last year.  Instead of making tiny ornaments out of these last two, I made a biscornu.  

If you like this, really have to get on over to Nancy's Blog Vanya Sulie and look at what SHE did with the patterns! 

You will love them so very much.  

I did finish this AFTER the two appointments, but seriously...why are public spaces so very hot and full of people and have no air when you are feeling cruddy?  

I love my mortgage guy, but his office is like a microwave on HI set for two hours to make sure you are roasted completely.  

Anywho, there it is!  I've been reading blogs and screaming with glee on the pretty things so I know you all are up to good things.

Until Next Time.....Keep On Stitchin'!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April TUSAL!

Here we are again!  It seems like I just reported, but nope!  More stitching, more doing, more crazy ideas later and we have another pile of awesome in the jar.

I have so many little things going on right now I couldn't begin to tell you what it all is, so I won't.  As you can see, things are happening!

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Finish It Up Stuff

A WONDERFUL idea hosted by Stacey over at Crossed Stitches.  You can join up any time you just want to Finish It Up!

I haven't technically "finished" anything on the list, but have made progress.  I  can show you some progress, but have to do so carefully as it is a gift.  From the get go I have wanted to finish this piece ROUND.  I didn't know how to do that so I found a blog, a wonderfully funny and informative blog called Cut to Pieces that had a lovely tutorial on just how to do what I wanted.

Aided by Magical, I set to work.  After some sweaty, stressful moments of fear and serious worry, I began measuring. While digging in my drawer for a smaller ruler, I came across this handy thing.  This reminded me I had purchased this specialized ruler for this very project.

I made the first round cuts and the main piece came out perfectly.  The folded fabric you see up there was not as cooperative, so when I did the stabilizing stitch the fabric had stretched just a little.  I didn't know that until the pinning began.

When I am able to show the entire finished piece you will then understand why the stretched fabric is bad.  I WILL tell you the reason I didn't just chuck it aside and try again is because this most perfect fabric every found for this particular project is old and there is no way I can find another piece.  It isn't a big piece.  I had to be careful.  If I had a yard of it, or two yards, it would not have been a problem for me to toss the one bad piece and try again.  This is why I have to accept the bunchy part and move on.  You can see the part in question at the bottom, right of the right hand's glaringly obvious.  Now it's bugging me again.  The other piece I have is the right size.....hmmmmm, I am thinking.....

I did cross the Welcome Sign off the list which was easy to do...just highlight the word welcome and click on the strike through up there next to the really didn't take any time at all to finish and made for a fun post for the Easter Blog Hop.  

Also, I have made a tiny bit of progress on putting pictures back in here....I am up to October 10, 2012.  Progress is being made slowly but surely!

That is about it for the Finish it UP for now.  I just love the fact that I can look at my list and cross things off.  It's working!

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!


Heather over at Stitching Lotus hosts this lovely SAL, if you haven't signed up and want to have a go showing off your small stuff...get on over there!  She's really sweet too, so that just makes it more fun.

Well, you know how in February everything just came together and I had so many things to show off?  March was not that way ha, ha!  Just a few little things here.

Magical and I are hosting a Neglected Floss SAL over at Stitching Pirates and began with the first pattern created by Magical in the beginning of March.  

The idea came in to my  head as I sat here in the ol' NCC looking at my floss, I have flosses that have never been used.  When I had gone through and updated my DMC floss boxes there were whole bobbins of floss that had literally never been touched!

These little patterns also help clean out those odds and ends you have stuffed in with your fabric stash, so why not do a quick stitch up with some specialty thread you have laying around or grab those flosses that have never been used!  You do have to be a member of Stitching Pirates to participate, but you won't regret signing up!  We have tons of fun stuff going on there all the time.

For the April Neglected Floss SAL I stitched up this pretty little thing to have it ready for the April 1st posting.  If you like mine you should see Magical's

Next up we have the Stitch for Syria, which I love so I made two and these are actually the stitch ups that started the Neglected Floss Idea as I was using two different flosses that I had picked up quite some time ago and didn't know what to do with!  I just wanted to try them out on something and this was the most wonderful time to give those flosses a going over.  I love the Glorianna Silk and will get more of that.  The Caron Wildflowers floss I had didn't thrill me as much, but it still came out beautifully enough for me to make a bookmark out of it.

This is the pattern I created for my book club The Sacred Order of the Glorious Laborious Book Club, or TSOOTGLBC for short. (spell checker insists this should be FOOTSTOOL).

Everyone is welcome to join us on Goodreads and if you wanted to really participate more, you can be added to the monthly meet event thing that we post privately.  I will be making more of these bookmarks, one for each member here and then for each satellite member.  One down 8 more to go!  

So you see, by the time I got done with the bookmark I was no longer enjoying the Caron floss and there was still so much left on the card!  I'm going to send it on to another stitcher so they can try it out.

So there it is, my Smalls SAL check in for March!  I will try and do more for April, no promises!

Until next time...Keep on Stitchin'!

Friday, March 25, 2016


Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching hosts these super fun blog hops and my favorite seems to be the Easter Treasure Hunt!  We hop around the blogs and pick up letters along the way to figure out the "mystery phrase".  

My letter for you is...............

Now hop on over to Ishkabibble and see what is happening there!

Happy Blog Hopping!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March WIPocalypse

YAY!  It's that time again! Still have Cead Mile Failte sitting there but I'm almost done with some little things so I can get back to work on that.

There is an orange hoop back there with black fabric in it that is face down on purpose.  That one is a surprise.  The Welcome sign was discussed in the IHSW blog which is almost done AND I'm finally using the yarn that my friend Cyndy had given me for my birthday last year for a contest on dA,  It's going to be an infinity scarf but I think I need another ball (oh darn I have to buy another ball of yarn he he) as the pattern I'm using calls for three.  Those are my present WIPs at this moment.

March question is:   Do you use hoops, stretcher bars, lap stands or Q snap frames and why? 

Well, I used to be a scroll bar snob......UNTIL a friend of mine  had told us all about the no slip hoops she purchased at Micheal's with the gift card her husband had given her.  She was so thrilled with them I asked a friend of mine to pick up the 11 pack when she went to Florida.  $20 later, I had my first pack.  That's right, $20.  Then I started using them and was so in love with them I had to have my friend who introduced them to me get MORE to give as prizes for the Stitching Pirates contest that was on at the time.

I have tried Q-snaps.  For me the answer is NO.  I only use stretcher bars when I'm doing sequins and beads patterns.  I have a lap stand (without hoop) that I picked up for the English Cottage Sampler by TW since that scroll frame is GIGANTIC but have not used it yet....more on that subject when I get to it.

Okay so why?  Well, like I said I used to be a scroll frame snob.  I felt scroll frames kept things taught...which they did.  Now I have the no slip hoops and cannot use the scroll frames much due to weight issues on my wrists.  The smaller scroll frames still work great, but those no slip hoops are the bees knees!  My step-mom sent up another set for me after I introduced her to cross stitch but I fear I may need more and more and more....I think I love them so much!

I hope your March has been so very good to you :-D

Until next time.....KEEP ON STITCHIN'!

March IHSW

Quite a bit happened during IHSW.  There was this idea that I would clean up a bit.  So I did.

While I was cleaning up I came across the Welcome sign I was making.  Now that it was unburied I went to work on it almost immediately.

I had found this pattern "Malcolm Tucker Sweary Xstitch Pattern" on Craftsy for a whole dollar, so I bought it.  The original pattern has a seriously funny saying on it, but try as I might it just seemed odd to try and cross stitch swear words.  Like blasphemy to cross stitch.  Please don't get me wrong, I find some stitched pieces with swear words hilarious, but really cannot bring myself to stitch it. Soooooooo, I went Frankenstein.  Oh yes.

Everything on this pattern had to be adjusted, but it's a cute little pattern made cuter by adding the little butterfly and flower, beads and bullion stitches.  The butterfly and flower patterns were little freebie patterns from another blog that I cannot find right now.  This makes me a little sad because I LOVE to give credit and share.

The leaves, beads and bullion stitches are all that are left to do.  Almost done!

Sunday morning I was yakking away with Magical and had a thought about using the storage drawers I had just purchased to put my fabric in...tried that.  Wasn't happy with that so I grabbed wallet and keys and went to the Fred Meyers and came back with four two drawer systems.

Fabric is in there, patterns for sewing are in there, yarn is in there....which got rid of 14 tote boxes that were all over the place!  These are on roller wheelies so they can be rolled hither and yon without pain to my back.

So I had this empty, crappy drawer thingy left over and decided to put the miscellaneous stuff in there which got rid of three more tote box thingies. This will be painted in the next few days to make it pretty and new looking and match the green, blue, yellow color scheme in the NCC.  It's so wonderful to have everything right there and no more moving tote box thingies which hurts my back and makes things not fun.

Seriously productive IHSW with stitching and with organizing.  Must be getting close to spring!

Until next time....Keep on Stitchin'!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

March ORT Report

Hosted by Daffycat and (because I cannot help myself) still one of my favorite SAL type things, my March Ort Report!

After reading several other blogs and their Ort Reports, I have to say that pretty much everyone has been very, very busy!  Just to make it interesting, my March picture of the fantastic ORT Jar has been spiffed up into HDR ha ha!

Still so much to stitch before the end of the month so this jar should be pretty full by the time the next report comes around.

Progress has been made and more to come!

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stitch for Syria

Mr. X Stitch is quite the guy, but the women who need our love are far more incredible.  There is still time to get with the program so dash on over to Concern and get your pattern, instructions and form for this wonderful little stitch up.  This is stitched on 36 ct opalescent white evenweave...even though the directions say 14 ct AIDA, there was nothing there saying it HAD to be.  I used Caron's Wildflowers #145 Carnival.

What is really sad (aside from the lives that are being ruined or removed) is that the bad guys are digging up history to sell on the black market to fund their "endeavor".  Once that digging up has happened, then they blow it all up.  HISTORY!  It makes me sad. Thankfully, the women AND Cross Stitch will persevere....THAT is something, isn't it?  

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Friday Night With Friends Alaska Style

This fun event is hosted by the lovely Cheryll over at Gone Stitchin'. Between the FNWF and FNSI, I managed to actually do sewing. Because the majority of the group who participates in both of these are in Australia, their Friday is my Thursday, so I begin on Thursday and end on Friday....makes total sense, right?

Of course it does!  It is a time zone thing, ha, ha!

first attempt = yuk
This week's adventure started on Thursday (as per usual) and I had decided I absolutely did not like the way my needle book turned out for the Chickie Travel Pouch.  It did not look like quality...except for the lovely stitching that is....the rest was crap.

Suz over at Crafty Weasel had blogged about her very wonderful quilted needle books (if you have scraps, you REALLY need to check this's so great!) and this gave me an idea on how to re-do that darn needle book!  THANK YOU SUZ! 

After supper on Thursday, I bounded into the NCC and grabbed that atrocity and proceeded to gently rip it apart.  I had been thinking about this all day, but had not thought all of it through so I kind of went with the thought process as I went along.

I wanted a pocket in there for the scissors, so that was added (badly, but there it is).  And for the life of me I have NO IDEA why I cannot find or maybe just do not have any darn FELT!  So I just folded some badly cut flannel and used that for pages.  I sewed that part in in such a way to where I could replace that when I do get felt or the 2nd place winner of the Gamer's Delight Contest could replace it.  Either way, it was fun working through the process.

The pocket didn't turn out so great, and my sewing was a little crooked, but I really like the new needle book better.  The best part?  The Machine gladly did what I asked!

On Friday night I sewed up the binding and it has to be the smallest binding I have ever done!  Not too shabby, and the corners are almost mitered properly ha ha!  I like it, and feel it is prize worthy-ish.....except for the felt thing...that still bugs me so we all know I'll be fixing that issue soon.

Because that didn't take long, and I had just received the fabric, I figured I'd start stitching up  Maggie's Garden Biscornu from Rainburst Embroidery on Etsy.   I LOVE every pattern and this will be the second I have stitched by her.  She has not put this particular pattern back up for sale yet, so be patient.  Besides there are dozens of others you will find as lovely.

I also have another pattern called Ella's Garden that was done on black.  This piece of fabric isn't very big but enough for two biscornu.

So that is my fabulous FNWF  Alaska style ha ha!  I cannot wait to begin wandering around the other blogs to see what new and wonderful things happened and find even more inspiration.

Until next time.....Keep on Stitchin'!